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LAA250 – Site development, phase 2

In the second phase of the site development course we were supposed to use our analysis from phase one and based on it suggest specific plans for our focus group. We started off comparing our registrations of the established playgrounds and recreational areas with the information we had received from the children themselves, to get a clearer view on where it seemed to be an apparent lack of suitable spaces. At that time it occurred to us that simply counting the areas that needed additional facilitation and supply plans for them wasn’t going to cut it. We needed to study what the children really need and how they react to their environment to get a proper understanding of the matter before we could do anything close to planning. We proceeded to read articles and books on environmental psychology and outdoor education for children, while asking ourselves the question: What is a valuable playground for children?

What is a valuable playground?

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LAA250 – Site development, phase 1

The landscape architecture course this fall concerns urban development, and is an interdisciplinary project-oriented study between landscape architecture- and spatial planning students. Our project area this time is the village centre of Ås municipality, close to the university. Directions and advice for the project have been supplied by local architects and planners, and the final results are supposed to be publicly exhibited. There are plans for densification in the area, and different topics for analysis and consequence reports have been issued for study.

Our topic concerns how to maintain the interests of children and youth and their meeting places.

Meeting places for children. Drawing after photo by Ruth Woods.

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