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Photoshop – Creating an anime spoof, starring yourself

It’s no big secret that I’m a comic book affectionate – in fact, I’m proud of it – and I’m a fan of Japanese manga, in particular.

The other day I toyed with the idea of placing familiar people in a manga or anime setting using Photoshop. I used myself as an example, and this is how it turned out:


Curious on how I did it? Click on more for checking out the process step by step.

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The Wacom Bamboo stylus – Drawing clouds was never this easy

What, are you saying drawing clouds is a waste of time?

Wacom Bamboo StylusI recently purchased a Wacom Bamboo stylus for my iPad, of various reasons. I hoped to get a tool for sketching and drawing faster and more precisely: I’ve more and more come to enjoy the hassle-free routine of not having to stock up on notebooks and pens of various shapes and sizes and carry them wherever I go. My iPad is always with me, and as any person in a design related profession or study will agree – not having something nearby to jolt down that visual idea that always comes at the strangest time is not only frustrating – it can be directly painful.

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PHG213 – Plantenes Egenskaper

The .PDF I just finished is a compilation of the plants in the list posted in the previous post. This is a A1-sized poster with a visual representation of the various properties of the listed plants. The text is in Norwegian, and covers all major topics (with the exception of soil properties, water and sun requirements): Plants with divergent leaf colors, autumn colors, scents (and which parts gives off scent), various kinds of colorful fruits, toxic parts, plants with thorns, plants causing allergies, plants suitable for both cut and wild hedges of various heights, plants with colorful flowers and when they bloom, plants surviving harsh winters, plants that grow into large trees or ones that stay smaller, and so on. Enjoy.

Right-click the image below and choose ‘Save Target As’ to download the .PDF-file. NB: 45 MB file!
Optionally, you can download the file from Archileaks here!

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PHG213 – Plant list

The hunt for the summer term plant directories is on!

After a ruthless search on Google Images I’ve compiled a list of the plants we are supposed to know in PHG213. This is a list of 130 flowers and 375 bushes/trees, mostly focusing on species native to Northern Europe/Scandinavia. Available for download in .PDF-format, and of course, for educational use only.

Right-click the image and select ‘Save Target As’ to download the plant index key. NB: 32 MB file!

Update: here is a link to the .PDF at 4Shared, for those who are unable to download it below.


I’m planning to use the indexes to create visualisations on the various plant properties (toxicity, soil demands, colors, scents etc). Stay tuned!

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LAA214 – Project Presentation

We recently presented our project in LAA214 – Residential areas, or as it’s titled in the course description: Buildings and landscape.

LAA214 - Group 2, front page

In our project we were given the smallest of the ten project sites, and a challenging one at that – a site that didn’t leave too much room for residential development, due to size, existing qualities such as valuable hiking terrain and vegetation, topography, sun conditions et cetera. We chose to focus on a high quality of living, not densifying more than absolutely necessary to meet the demands.

Illustration Plan
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