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LAA214 – Project Presentation

We recently presented our project in LAA214 – Residential areas, or as it’s titled in the course description: Buildings and landscape.

LAA214 - Group 2, front page

In our project we were given the smallest of the ten project sites, and a challenging one at that – a site that didn’t leave too much room for residential development, due to size, existing qualities such as valuable hiking terrain and vegetation, topography, sun conditions et cetera. We chose to focus on a high quality of living, not densifying more than absolutely necessary to meet the demands.

Illustration Plan

Our illustration plan shows the amount of houses within a 20 DAA development area. The houses are divided into two main groups – one directed at small families, with smaller, two-floor residences connected with carports that also serves as terraces, extending their private garden space. The larger residences are split into three units, placed into the flatter terrain which allows for universal access on the ground floor, a one-story apartment for senior citizens and people with movement disabilities. Second floor units are aimed at young couples and/or students.

User groups

Playgrounds for small children aged 0-6 are evenly distributed between the residences, covering the site within 50 meters radius, respectively. The large outdoor area in the south-west will serve for recreational purposes for young and old, as well as a natural playground for children.

Playground radius

Our work also consisted in establishing regulation plans and juridical decisive documents.

Regulation plan

Perspective from Google SketchUp

All in all it has been an extremely varied and valuable course, both challenging and rewarding.
Our full presentation can be viewed from the link below in .PDF-format.


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2 Responses

  1. Coal Dorius says:

    Very nice project! Thoughtfully analyzed and laid out, well done.

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