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PHG213 – Plantenes Egenskaper

The .PDF I just finished is a compilation of the plants in the list posted in the previous post. This is a A1-sized poster with a visual representation of the various properties of the listed plants. The text is in Norwegian, and covers all major topics (with the exception of soil properties, water and sun requirements): Plants with divergent leaf colors, autumn colors, scents (and which parts gives off scent), various kinds of colorful fruits, toxic parts, plants with thorns, plants causing allergies, plants suitable for both cut and wild hedges of various heights, plants with colorful flowers and when they bloom, plants surviving harsh winters, plants that grow into large trees or ones that stay smaller, and so on. Enjoy.

Right-click the image below and choose ‘Save Target As’ to download the .PDF-file. NB: 45 MB file!
Optionally, you can download the file from Archileaks here!

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2 Responses

  1. Hej Daniel!

    Du delar ut juste material. Skulle du inte vilja ladda upp det på Archileaks. Det är en portal där arkitekter kan dela filer och kunskap. Här är adressen: http://www.archileaks.se

    Om du har några funderingar får du gärna skriva hit: vi@archileaks.se

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