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The Wacom Bamboo stylus – Drawing clouds was never this easy

What, are you saying drawing clouds is a waste of time?

Wacom Bamboo StylusI recently purchased a Wacom Bamboo stylus for my iPad, of various reasons. I hoped to get a tool for sketching and drawing faster and more precisely: I’ve more and more come to enjoy the hassle-free routine of not having to stock up on notebooks and pens of various shapes and sizes and carry them wherever I go. My iPad is always with me, and as any person in a design related profession or study will agree – not having something nearby to jolt down that visual idea that always comes at the strangest time is not only frustrating – it can be directly painful.

So I have my iPad. And it works well, but I have a problem: When I sketch, I don’t do it with slow, thick motion. I do it in an erratic, rapid manner. This is why I found myself refraining from using the pad for sketching a while and returning to my pen scribblings. I am a sucker for detail, and even though I don’t have above average thick fingers, they still prevent me from adding the touch I want. Until now.

Painting in ArtRageBecause this little thing changes it all. It allows for precise and fluent movement, without tiring your wrists. Finger-pinch zooming with one hand, drawing with the other feels effortless and natural. And perhaps the best part: I can have a snack alongside while sketching without making my pad look like the plate my food was served on.

After a couple of days use I have a new friend, and I’m looking forward to if not eliminate, then at least drastically reduce the tools I carry around with me. For sketching on the go, I only need two things: My pad and my stylus.

Sounds great, but which apps do you prefer for sketching and drawing?
Several, depending on purpose – for quick sketching combined with hand-written notes I prefer Penultimate. I use Sketchbook Pro for the “Photoshop light” feel, with layers and brushes for more elaborate work. For the Painter-like illustrations I use ArtRage (pictured above). The stylus feels like a small paintbrush, thus it suits this app perfectly.

Links to the abovementioned applications for drawing and sketching can be found here.

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