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Photoshop – Creating an anime spoof, starring yourself

It’s no big secret that I’m a comic book affectionate – in fact, I’m proud of it – and I’m a fan of Japanese manga, in particular.

The other day I toyed with the idea of placing familiar people in a manga or anime setting using Photoshop. I used myself as an example, and this is how it turned out:


Curious on how I did it? Click on more for checking out the process step by step.

Step 1: Find a suitable setting
Google images holds all stock photos you will ever need for fun projects such as these. A quick search on ‘Japanese house’ netted me this picture, cropped to suit my purpose:

Step 1 - Setting

Step 2: Imagine the setting with an ancient samurai figure
Adding the search parameters ‘Samurai’ and ‘Kimono’ gave me a number of suitable characters, including the one pasted into the picture – I have also distorted the perspective of both character and background for added dramatic effect.

Step 2 - Samurai

Step 3: Add yourself to the mix
With the character in place, I pasted my target (me) appropriately.

Step 3 - Add person

Step 4: Line-art
Now, there are several ways to do this – I chose to do it old-fashioned way by drawing on a paper right on top of my screen (mostly due to not having a tablet at the moment), but it can easily be done in the software, as well.

Step 4 - Line-art

Step 5: Color
Coloring accordingly, I used the original stock photos as references.

Step 5 - Color

Step 6: Filters
I wanted it to look like an anime frame, so I needed to experiment with various filters to obtain the desired effect. I landed on the Chalk and Charcoal filter, and added a paper-like texture on top.

Step 6 - Filters

Step 7: Finishing touches
Cropping the picture to fit in on my imaginary TV screen, adding some cheesy subtitles, and I’m done.

Anime - subtitles

All that’s missing now is a suitable title.

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