Daniel Ewald, landscape architect MNLA

Impressions from Gothenburg

We spent a couple of days in Gothenburg as an inspirational introduction to the course LAA224: shaping with vegetation.

Guided tour through Trädgårdsforeningen park, day one
Highlights were the exquisite use of perennials (Piet Oudolf’s work) and the palm house (where the most exotic species of plants were kept).


Gunnebo castle, day two
An enthusiastic chief gardener and historian guided us through this historical site, with stories of its development, preservation and visions of the future. This is our second visit to Gunnebo castle – we stopped here on our previous trip to Copenhagen.


The Botanical Gardens, day two
A spectacle, indeed. We had the weather with us, and after a brief lecture on plant combinations we spent a a while strolling around the park (and climbing to the top). The japanese gardens, as well as the rock gardens, were simply breathtaking.


Stock photos – textures


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  1. Diana says:

    My source of inspiration is a website of landscape company in Vancouver, BC. They are posting pictures from their commercial and residential landscape installation and maintenance projects on their website every month. Go take a look at their slideshow http://www.beaverlandscape.com

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