Daniel Ewald, landscape architect MNLA

Project presentation – LAA224: Shaping with vegetation

3D model of site

Project area. Google SketchUp + Photoshop

Above is the result of the project this semester in the course LAA224, shaping with vegetation. Our project has evolved from the initial blue-green concept of re-opening the stream running through the site, to include concepts for residential development and specific use of vegetation to create volumes and seasonal variation. The design is intended to make use of the historical qualities of the site; i.e. the former agricultural landscape, and the choice of vegetation reflects this.

Concept sketch

Concept sketch from the site, seen from the south

In our plan we have focused on selected species of plants to establish the effect of translucency and the sensation of discovery. We used species of tall grasses and grass-like perennials, as well as selecting trees with specific leaf textures and branch densisity in mind.


From our plan the residential areas (kinda sci-fi looking!) are shown integrated in the terrain, with facades of glass. The elevation below shows the result of 25 years of plant growth, when the site will obtain the visual and spatial effect we have intended.

Illustration plan

Elevation of finished site (25 years of plant growth)

Of course, at this time of year it is only suitable with a postcard from the site to top it off:

Merry Christmas!

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6 Responses

  1. Karl says:

    Great blog. I’m a landscape architecture student, Manchester UK

    • Daniel Ewald says:

      Thank you, Karl – happy to hear it! Likewise, I must say. I’m browsing your works (and extensive link section!) as we speak. How are the studies in Manchester? From what I can tell we have similar approaches to landscape character assessment through sketchwork, among other things – very interesting to see!

  2. Karl says:

    Yes I think so too. I’m a second year of a BA (Hons) great to see you blogging your work and sharing tips I don’t think it’s done enough in our student community. I enjoy sketching and fusing digital and hand drawn techniques together. I’m very new to it all but learning new things on a day to day basis and progressing. Manchester is great and challenging most of the work is self driven so you have to make your own way, this can be frustrating but it’s a really good way to learn if you work hard in private studies. James Corner studied at MMU and the library facilities are great. What year are you in?

    • Daniel Ewald says:

      I agree totally, and especially concerning a profession such as ours, where communication is so fundamentally important. Very happy to know about fellow students such as yourself that are actively sharing what they learn. What better way is there to learn something well? (I took the liberty of sharing a link to your blog on the institute facebook page, hope you don’t mind)

      I’m intrigued about the self-driven approach you have there. We have mostly obligatory courses the first three years (I’m in my third year of a MA), and the workloads are intense. The last two years are more up to choice, however. Personally I think I’d enjoy the challenge of tailoring things to my interests a bit more, but there is a great stability provided as it is, of course. Plus, I do toss in the odd project and stir things up as often as possible.

      Very inspiring reads on your blog – I’m inclined to post more often from now on.

  3. Karl says:

    Thanks Daniel. Keep up the great work on your blog I’ve subscribed. Which Institute have you linked me too on Facebook? I don’t use it anymore but interested as I’ve had a few referrals from it today. Good luck with your studies, loving the sketch work.

    • Daniel Ewald says:

      Likewise! I linked to you at the Institute for Landscape Architecture and Spatial Planning over here at the Norwegian University of Life Sciences – http://www.umb.no/ilp is the official site. Best of luck to you too!

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