Daniel Ewald, landscape architect MNLA

Construction design, part 2

Visualisation in Lumion based on SketchUp model

We presented our site analysis today, along with some early attempts at visualising in Lumion (see picture above). A brief summary follows. See the project blog for more information!

Historical photo of the site, anno 1928. The tram line follows the same pattern today.

The site has an extensive history behind it, along with bits and pieces of architecture spanning over a century. The building in the picture, old Ullevaal theatre, now functions as a grocery store (actually, the grocery store is under construction) and auditorium for the University in Oslo, located just 500 meters to the North-West. Named after a significant tradesman of the time, John Collett, the area was a centre for trade and entertainment, with many small boutiques in the building, as well as a grand cinema. The site today is by and large dominated by traffic; it’s place you drive by, not a place you stay. The tram runs by frequently (twice every five minutes) as well, making the site appear very busy, however not necessarily in a good way. A place with great history, but a fragmented and dislocated feel to it today.

Analysis of traffic patterns.

The main road Sognsveien has a daily count of areound 14.000 vehicles driving through; that amounts to approximately 10 per minute. The noise levels are accordingly high; statistics describe the noise levels to be exceeding 70dB, while the levels for an urban space to feel comfortable lies around a maximum of 55dB.


The spatial feeling of the site differs from your position; the only point from which you have a directional view in all angles is from this point in the middle, bordered by traffic and/or tram lines.

These registrations will be used in later work. We are now approaching the individual phase of the project, where we are going to propose detailed suggestions for improving this area.

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