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Gadget – The Really Tiny Book Light

Ok, so you wake up in the middle of the night having caught that elusive design idea that’s been criss-crossing your head for the last couple of days (guilty!) – No rest for the wicked – and you reach for your sketchbook to jolt it down. But it’s dark. And you forgot to change the bulb in your bedside lamp. And your other sketchbook is out of power (guilty again!). Oh, the issues one faces nowadays. What now?

You remember you attached a Really Tiny Book Light to your sketchbook before you went to bed, that’s what.

I got this little baby at Modulor in Berlin, and besides looking extremely neat, it really fits awesomely well to, say, your Moleskine, saving you from the common situation of blind notes that are unreadable the day after (even if you tell yourself you’ll have no trouble remembering what you wrote, seeing it was such a great idea and all).

Here’s a pic of it in action:

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6 Responses

  1. karlbarrett says:

    Batteries not included? (you seen that film?)

    I think your new gizmo is neat! How is the study going? :0)

    • Daniel Ewald says:

      Sci-fi from ’87? Don’t think I have, no…:)

      Going great, thanks! A bit fast, these days, if I were to complain at all. I realised I’m in my fourth year this autumn and I still feel as if I just started, you know?

      By the by, I noticed your task on steps and your measurement app (got it straight away), how is it serving you? I’m still on my first gen iPad so I can’t shoot and measure in one go, so to speak.

      • karlbarrett says:

        aww you must watch it if you haven’t an oldie but goodie. Yeah the apps pretty handy, i love my ipad. Time flies when you having fun! I’ve nearly finished my second year. How long have you got before you graduate and what you going to do next?

      • Daniel Ewald says:

        Added to the watchlist 😉 Will test the app further when I get the new iPad – got one incoming from the States as we speak.
        Third year soon done myself, then two years left. Got hired as assistant landscape architect in February, so already getting a taste of the real deal. Gonna test the waters at a large consultant company this summer, too, so the schedule’s pretty packed. Just gotta make sure I find time to study, as well…I wish I could clone myself.

      • karlbarrett says:

        Congratulations sounds like your doing really well. Keep up the goodwork. Bet your quite excited about your new ipad, they are great tools for designers.

      • Daniel Ewald says:


        Yeah, can’t wait to get my hands on it. Tested that new sketchbook app called Paper, by the way? I really like the feel of it so far.

        Edit: Just saw you had a review on it, as well 😉

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