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Landscape Ambassadors – First impressions

On our first day in Hungary we went on an all day field trip around our case area; the lake Fertö region, split between Hungary and Austria, located in the Carpathian basin.

The lake Fertö. Source: wikipedia

A world heritage site, the area is known for its rich biodiversity. We went around the lake from Sópron at the Hungarian side, entering Austria. From more or less dry limestone hills through lush decidous forests, from marshlands to grassy meadows, and in between cultivated vineyards; the changes in the landscape character were observed and explained at the different stops at our excursion.

The steppes at the Eastern shore; Austria.

The western side bordering Hungary has more elevated hills, trees and abundant reed patches in the shallow waterfront (the lake itself is extremely shallow; only around 2 meters at its deepest), due to large amounts of nutritious sediments from hillsides and rivers as well as prevailing western winds. On the opposite side the situation is different; the reeds are held back mainly by mechanical damage from ice during wintertime. The alkaline salts in the soil keeps the trees from growing; thus it’s a very topographically flat landscape of steppe-like character. The reeds create a habitat for many different species of animals and birds.

The viticulture in the region, represented here from Purbach, Austria, bordering the lake in the Northwest, where local wine producers open shops to visitors from their cellars.

The professors; with various backgrounds, from different parts of Europe.

The lecturers and students are from various parts of Europe; Norway, Sweden, Hungary, Portugal, Slovenia and France. We are being divided into groups, as mentioned in the previous post, with students from each nationality represented. I’m a part of the STONE group; assessing architectural styles and remnants of cultural history within buildings, monuments and graveyards, various material use, etc. Our first series of interviews and group work are scheduled for tomorrow.

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