Daniel Ewald, landscape architect MNLA

Landscape Ambassadors – Analysing the architecture

Street view from Sópron.

We are approaching our theme of analysis – Stone, architecture – through field trips where we observe and discuss the use of local materials and different architectural styles in the region. It is a huge area, with much diversity, but also similarities. On our first field trip we visited several villages south of the Lake Fertö on the South side, exploring the streets, monuments, parks and graveyards as we went along. 

A street in the village of Fertörákos.

The use of limestone was apparent in most places, but according to our local group member the use of this material has diminished over time. This sedimentary type of rock make up most of the geological foundations in the region, and are remains of the ancient Pannonian Sea. The local quarries are not in use today. Limestone is a quite expensive material now, as opposed to brick and concrete.

A typical village house.

With traditional local reed roofs, these wooden holiday resort buildings are located by the shores of Lake Fertö, in the proximity of Fertörákos village.

Eternal rest – graveyard by the Church with No Name, in the village of Balf. 

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4 Responses

  1. Sarah says:

    I did it last year in Norway it was really great! I hope you enjoy Hungary now. Does the landscape ambassadro have a blog?
    Say hello to Roland from Sarah.

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