Daniel Ewald, landscape architect MNLA

Impressions from Budapest

Taking a small time out from project work, we decided to go on a one-day excursion to Budapest. We explored the city on foot, visiting historical sites while taking note of examples of modern landscape architecture as we went along.

Excellent practice of multifunctional design. Electricity to tramlines connected to lightpoles. Design by architect and product designer Péter Zöldi.

Various design details of a pedestrian street.

Our initial impressions were that the use of urban space were rich and varied, however by and large this city is dominated by traffic. We went on a “quiet” Sunday – I wonder how it is on a regular day. Noise levels were too high on the main streets; we had to escape to the smaller streets.

Shockingly, the entire Danube riverside on both sides is by and large inaccessible due to barriers of highly trafficated roads with high speeds. If you’re a wheelchair user, forget it – and if not, you’re lucky to find a place to cross the street once every 500 meters.

Picture from the small island of Margit-sziget, or Marghareta island, located in the middle of the river, accessible by bridges. This is a hub for excersise and sports; with football fields, stadiums and courts, along with a rubber-covered jogging path in a loop along the riverside.

The view from the Buda castle hills was staggering, and as such is extremely popular among tourists. A very exciting feature of the area are the caverns below the castle grounds; originally carved out by natural streams and then built in part for various purposes; some parts still undiscovered. The “labyrinth” is a tourist attraction today and efficiently serves as an escape from the baking heat outside.

Our guide Veronika, presenting one of the projects of her landscape architecture office; the square outside the Inner City Parish Church, bridging historical elements with modern architecture practice.

In summary, we felt we got a quite rich impression of the city in a full day – but of course, its many attractions require more time to digest. Definitely a destination for future visits.

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