Daniel Ewald, landscape architect MNLA

Mountains and fjords

From outside Tromsø

From a field trip in and around Tromsø with the Norwegian Association of Landscape Architects. 

I recall discussions I had this summer at the office on the perception of landscape, and how one’s cultural background in essence shapes your aesthetic views of your surroundings. At first, I was reluctant to agree with this statement. I thought while you may be influenced in great part of where you were brought up, your childhood memories and so on, you are able to change your views through travel and other experiences, to the point that your perception may change entirely. However, I realised while on this field trip in Northern Norway how connected I really am to this landscape, even though I often proclaim I have no particular connection to it. “I’m not rooted in Norway,” I might have uttered upon occasion. But are the connection to your landscape really something you can control?

Earlier this summer I went on a short trip to the Netherlands with friends, and we drove through Denmark on the way back. Once back in Norway, I reflected on this as both myself and my friends expressed sincere relief upon seeing the familiar topography again.

Can one change perceptions by staying in another location longer? Or will you feel that longing for the familiar landscape anyway?  Can new, exciting views make up for what you were part of in your younger days? For it is a part of you, isn’t it?

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5 Responses

  1. Boris says:

    Wow. The pictures are amazing!

  2. Wiebke Niemeier says:

    Hi Daniel,

    you are raising some interesting questions. I think the landscape where you grew up will always be special to you because you spent those years there that shaped your personality. When I come home I always realize how much I missed it and every time I notice something new. So far it is also the place I stayed the longest, maybe it will change when I have lived somewhere else for 20 years.

    But living in a new place with a new landscape you can make a different connection. I have lived in a few places and I loved them and feel close to them whenever I come back. In my opinion it is the every day life that connects one to a place or a landscape, because of things you do in this specific place.

    Your pictures are really beautiful, I love the colours!

    Have a good day,

    • Daniel Ewald says:

      Thank you for your insightful comment, Wiebke. 🙂 The everyday life does connect you to your surrounding landscape, indeed. How quickly can you establish such a connection, I wonder? Can an instant view capture you in such a way? Do you actually have to live there, or is it enough to travel?

      Hope all is well with you!


      • Wiebke Niemeier says:

        I’ve thought about the traveling aspect a while. There are examples for making a connection in a short time like the Serengeti National Park, which has a lot of contributors around the world that visited and now support it and want to be updated. But then it has big animals 😉
        If you have just one view – it has to be something very special, I guess.

        I started my last year in college and settled in again after being away for a year. This town is not peticular beautiful or has anything special but the sourounding landscape is amazing. I was surprised how much I missed this place, that is why I related to your questions.

        Hope you’re fine, too.
        Best wishes

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