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Impressions from London

Impressions from London

Variety, fluidity, organised chaos. I tagged along to London these last couple of days with the lighting design course.

Welcome to London by train. I was positively shocked by the functionality of the public transport system. The Norwegian system pales so much in comparison it can hardly be expressed politely.

The weather was with us, as usual. We learned that the river Thames had extreme differences in water levels – up to six meters.

The London Eye, equally if not more impressive by night as by day.

Urban acupuncture in effect at the Barking Town Square. The poles light up the trees from above rather than from below – a more common practice – making for exciting shadow play.

The Waterloo roundabout is joyfully vegetated in a web of vines.

“Remember, remember the fifth of November”…We were at Trafalgar Square the 5th, observing local crowds protesting against corruption in the Parliament.

A long stroll through Kensington Palace Gardens does wonders. Such a tranquil atmosphere here: it was almost like a shroud of calmness was put over me as soon as I entered the park. 



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5 Responses

  1. Boris says:

    London is one of my favourite places. I see you had a great time there as well! 🙂

  2. karlbarrett says:

    Hi Daniel, Have you got skype and if so is it ok if I ask you some questions on studying in Norway/Sweden? Mines karlbarrett81. Cheers. Glad you enjoyed London ;o)

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