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2012 – A year in full


When looking at the past year, I was not sure where to begin a summary. So much has happened in one year, it has been difficult to grasp. Then I realised, hey, I have a blog, and there are such things as post archives. Neat. That’ll get me started.
Briefly, 2012 has been a year of change for me. Loads of activities at the University, creative workshops and projects, excursions, internships and jobs.

I started the studies in 2012 with construction design – a course that was very inspiring. The posts from this course are split in five;

The course introduced me to the Mac version of AutoCAD, which at the time was very unstable – fortunately improved in later versions – and the visualisation tool Lumion, which I was enthusiastic about at first, but later came to dislike it for its limitations when working with large scale projects. For construction design visualisations, however, it was perfect.

At the same time, I was offered an internship at Bar Bakke landscape architects, a privately owned office in Oslo, and just before that a summer internship at SWECO. I was working part time as a security officer then, so in the spring semester I was efficiently working two part time jobs alongside, while simultaneously sitting at the student parliament, Terra Forma (the student organisation for landscape architects and -engineers at UMB), the student council, among other things. I also did some freelance webdesigning in between, such as for the student board and ENT3R.

I also went on several excursions this year. The first went to Berlin:

The second was through the ERASMUS network; where I participated in an international and interdisciplinary workshop in Hungary in May, titled Landscape Authorship. This was a very exciting experience. Collaborative workshops such as this which allows you to get insight into the views of other disciplines, discuss and come up with broader solutions is to me the fundamental core of studying. Experiences such as this not only broadens your mind in every way, it also makes you realise what is important to you when presenting your cause and arguments. My posts from the workshop in Hungary are split in five:

The workshop in Hungary led to a couple of one-day excursions:

The summer was spent at SWECO’s offices at Lysaker, where I was involved in a series of projects of various scales, earning valuable experience. My primary tasks were digital drafting and visualisations. Meanwhile, I started working with the student festival UKA, as part of the three-headed constellation of design and layout, and head of web design and development.

Before starting the autumn semester, I was pretty much exhausted, but I didn’t have time for that. The master’s course in blue-green structures in urban areas was starting, with an excursion to Sortland in Northern Norway. From there, I went to Tromsø for the annual NLA autumn conference; discussing urban development in arctic regions. The posts from the course are split in three:

Back at campus, I was busy with layout work for the student festival as well as the independent journal KOTE, our first printed edition set to be released in October. The journal was published as scheduled and attracted a lot of positive response, among which the Norwegian architectural press.

Taking a small time out from currents projects and everything else, I decided to jump on a small trip to London with the students taking the lighting design course.

At the same time, I was approached by the planning- and building authority of Oslo to assist in illustrating the introductory creative process for the Oslo 2022 winter olympics application. I went along with two other students to participate in a few workshops together with a group of architects, planners and engineers. In the end, the process led to a current discussion on whether or not people actually want winter olympics. The upcoming public vote will decide whether or not the concepts conceived in the process will be developed further.

A year in full, rich of experiences, I’ve decided more or less to devote more time to studies this year: the spring and autumn of 2012 really tested my limits as to how much I was able to work with at once. I managed, however, and I don’t regret anything. To round off 2012, I got elected as student representative in the National Profession Council for Architecture and Landscape Architecture. That, along with the work of the second edition of KOTE and my part time job at Bar Bakke will be what I focus on alongside. This spring I will assist in teaching in digital tools at the University in january, and study technical innovation, environmental psychology and the potential of Vectorworks Landmark. Expect a few posts on my progress in those subjects soon.

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  1. karlbarrett says:

    Really happy for you my friend. It has been brilliant reading your journey and looking forward to seeing you get fully qualified. Keep up the good work! #inspired :0)

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