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Photoshop – Using Puppet Warp to straighten panoramic scenes


These posts will show some quick and easy examples of how to make use of Photoshop’s analytic qualities using the Content Aware FillPuppet Warp and Load Into Stack tools. Second post up is the Puppet Warp.

A special thanks to Eirik Dalland from Grindaker Landscape Architects for the tutorial images in these posts. The images were used in Dalland’s lectures in LAD100 – Introduction to digital tools, held at the Norwegian University of Life Sciences, January 2013.

Trick 2: Using Puppet Warp to straighten panoramic scenes

Ages ago, when we didn’t have panoramic photo functionality on our iPhones, we needed to stitch panoramas manually. Now, even though we can capture and stitch on the go, we still might want to straighten those scenes afterwards. For those panoramas you may have lying around looking all bent, this is how you utilize the Puppet Warp tool to suit your purpose.


Step 1: Before the panorama, I have my images. Through the File>Automate>Photomerge I add my files. Now, there are options here to correct perspectives and merge your photos together in different ways. You may also transform your image afterwards, correcting it. However, the Puppet Warp tool will create a much more seamless correction in your image, and the result will look way better.


This is how the images look when merged together. Not bad, but as you can see from the red line highlighting the horizon (enlarge the picture to make it clearer), some adjustments are needed.

rhodos puppet warp

Step 2: Activate the Puppet Warp tool, and add pins along the horizon line. You can then drag the image to morph it realistically around these points.


Step 3: The panorama is corrected.

The Puppet Warp tool is most commonly used to create animations. Look at these famous photographs to get an idea of what is possible with this tool.

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