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Photoshop – Using Load into Stack to show seasonal changes


These posts will show some quick and easy examples of how to make use of Photoshop’s analytic qualities using the Content Aware FillPuppet Warp and Load Into Stack tools. This third post concerns the Load Into Stack script.

A special thanks to Eirik Dalland from Grindaker Landscape Architects for the tutorial images in these posts. The images were used in Dalland’s lectures in LAD100 – Introduction to digital tools, held at the Norwegian University of Life Sciences, January 2013.

Trick 3: Using Load Into Stack to show seasonal changes

In this example, we have four images of the same scene through four seasons which we will use for a visualisation. We load these into Photoshop by using the Load Files Into Stack script.



Step 1: Select File > Scripts > Load Files Into Stack, and browse to your set of files. For best results, the photos should be taken with approximately equal angles. Make sure the box titled “Attempt to Automatically Align Source Images” is checked.

layers layers 2

Step 2: We will get a file with a layer for each image. Now these can be arranged to the desired order, and blended together through the use of masks. In this example, I used a rectangular selection for a transition between the images. Adding a feather to the selection will smoothen the transition.

before edit

Step 3: Voilá, a scene seen through the seasons.


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