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Pothole bypass


Inspired by the works of the UK-based pothole gardener, a hole in the middle of the pedestrian path leading to campus became a prime target for intervention today.


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KOTE #2 – Endring og tilpasning


Andre nummer av KOTE har blitt utgitt, og temaet denne gangen er endring og tilpasning. Magasinet er gratis og distribueres til utdanningsinstitusjoner innen planlegging- og arkitekturfag rundt om i landet, samt utvalgte biblioteker og gallerier.

Fra lederen:

The urban is man made, and man is in continuous state of change. When man and society change, the physical surroundings change accordingly. This change demands power, power to change on your own, or the power to make other people do it for you. People with power can make changes and adjust the world according to their desire, the rest of us have to adjust. In some cases it might seem that the changes are only made to exercise power.

This issue of KOTE discusses change and adaption. Examples on processes that should have been changed are presented, and we suggest different solutions. We look at how a lack of change has turned into an unfavorable situation and how innovation and rethinking can help develop a more stable and sustainable society. Small ideas can result in large subversions. Extensive processes can possibly result in minimal changes. Still, the minimal changes can be of great importance.

Fikk du ikke med deg KOTE #1? Temaet her var ideal og virkelighet. Les det i sin helhet på KOTE sine nettsider.

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We planted a spruce tree


In our garden. This was nearly twenty-five years ago. We had just finished building our house and moved in.

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