Daniel Ewald, landscape architect MNLA

We planted a spruce tree


In our garden. This was nearly twenty-five years ago. We had just finished building our house and moved in.

There was only one house next to ours at the time. The rest got built fifteen years later. It can now be characterised as a neighbourhood. In the beginning, it was mostly us and the garden. And the spruce tree. We also had big rubbles of demolished rock upon which the future houses would be built. My brother and I played there. I found fossils.

We agreed at the time that this was “my tree”. It grew and grew, as did I. Eventually, by the time I moved out from my childhood home it had outgrown me by far.

When I come back to visit I always look to my spruce tree to see how it’s doing. I rarely approach it, but I like to watch it. By now it’s so huge it occupies most of the lawn we planted it on. The other parts of the garden have a great variety of plants. Some are exotic. Some have vibrant colors. On the lawn there is only the spruce tree.

A short while ago there was a fence put up between the neighbouring house. Some branches had to be clipped. It had outgrown its space.

The spruce tree is so big now we contemplate cutting it. My mother asked what I felt about it.

It would be a new beginning, I said.

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2 Responses

  1. Torun Ewald Brodziak says:

    Sć nydelig liten anekdote vennen:) klem mamma

    Date: Mon, 8 Apr 2013 18:17:50 +0000 To: torun.ewald@hotmail.com

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