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Editing KOTE #5 – Reactions to Design


I’m part of the editor team for the fifth issue of KOTE with the working title ‘Reactions to Design’ (trans. ‘Form og virkning’).
We are currently looking for contributors to this issue. Contact me or fellow editors Olav Stikbakke, Einar Elton or Kirsti Reinsberg Mørch if you are interested!

KOTE is a Norwegian independent journal on urbanism, landscape and placemaking, run by students and young professionals. We publish articles and discussions online and in print, sharing knowledge on the development of our physical environment. We strive for a nuanced exploration of our surroundings with contributors from a range of disciplines, professions and institutions.

The call for submission can be downloaded here (in Norwegian): KOTE_5_CALL

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Graduation Day

Screenshot 2014-05-07 18.49.51_Snapseed_Snapseed

Five years is a wrap. After presenting my master’s thesis, mingling about campus and talking to classmates and teachers, changing my blog title was the final point on today’s to-do list. I’m extremely happy to finally be able to call myself a landscape architect, a profession I grow more passionate about every day.

As such, this site of mine will naturally face some restructuring, but as I feel it’s been my companion for so long, I see no reason to discontinue updating it. Short articles, lists and small tutorials will continue to appear every once in a while. Meanwhile, I’m off to create some landscape architecture – for real this time.

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ILP gradsdag, 19. juni


Neste torsdag, 19. juni, er det gradsdag på ILP, NMBU. Kom gjerne innom Tårnbygningens T131 klokken 1115 for å få et innblikk i prosjekteringsoppgaven om Nesoddparken! Sensor er Gullik Gulliksen.


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