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Working life – AutoCAD commands I can’t live without

Fact of the day – when it comes to AutoCAD, the best way to get around the ribbon or button placement changing every other update is to learn the commands by heart. Granted, there’s a ton of them, some frequently used, some rarely – and some can be counted as hidden gems. Some of the following you might have encountered through the studies, some may have been introduced to you by chance or at the office while working on a specific task, but in any case these are a few commands I can’t live without. 

LAYDEL erases a layer regardless of whether it has objects or not
HB hatch back, sends all hatches behind lines in the drawing – commonly followed by DR (Draw order).
TEXTTOFRONT sets all or a selection of text objects to front. When producing plans, I use this command and the one above constantly.
SETBYLAYER set all objects and linetypes in the drawing to byLayer – very handy for XREFs – commonly used after PURGE
MAPIOPTIONS If SHIFT-click doesn’t work for deselecting items, it may be because there is a raster image attached and image selection is activated here
OVERKILL Reduces duplicate lines (overlaps) in the drawing
IMAGEFRAME Set to 0 to remove unwanted borders around imported raster images

Specific Civil 3D commands:

FILEDIA 1 Have your dialog boxes disappeared, as in when saving (AutoCAD asks you to enter file name and path etc)? Punch this in and you’re set.
IEXPORT Use to export raster images in proper COORDS after ALIGN
PICKFIRST if you have to double enter commands or if deleting objects doesn’t work, it’s usually because PICKFIRST is set to 0
XL for CONSTRUCTIONLINE – infinite line who then can be offset in a grid to plot coordinates
.XY used after STRETCH to move points along X and Y, but keep the Z-value. Handy when moving feature lines in C3D, as they tend to drop to 0 when you move the points manually (remember you can hold SHIFT to select and move several points simultaneously)

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