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Magazine release!


Christmas comes early this year. Thursday this week we are releasing the fifth issue of KOTE magazine – an independent journal on our physical surroundings. Coming out twice a year, this has been the first issue I have been co-editing, which has been very exciting!

KOTE 5 asks what effects form and design have on us. What feels wrong, and what feels just right? How tall can we build? How small can a flat be? Are increasing demands for technical quality overshadowing the vision for experienced quality? How great are the designer’s freedom opposed to decicive authority, and to what degree do we focus on the actual effects our physical surroundings have on people?

These were the open questions we asked early Summer this year. We have gotten some answers, as well as more questions. Does some types of form affect us more than others? How do we become conscious about our tools as a designer, enters processes and develops ideas? And what are the measurable values of what we design, as in, how does our surroundings affect our lives and well-being and keeps us active and healthy? Can they reduce us to the opposite? Is it beneficial to build tall and dense buildings in the city, and how do we create environments for the groups among us in more vulnerable situations? Can we use materials differently to obtain a soulful, authentic architecture, that will feel more appealing? Can we say that the effects of design is separate from us as humans – an understandable, calculable phenomenon – or is it rather a mutual, interacting effect?

This is some of the contents of the magazine with contributions from no less than 23 different authors – architects, urbanists, landscape architects, anthropologists; students, professionals, academics; illustrated by 7 graphic designers, artists, architects and landscape architects. A spectrum of texts in the genres of environmental- and architectural psychology, philosophy, visionary thoughts, huge and smaller projects with benevolent perspectives.

KOTE 5 will be released on a designated event where we gather our friends, contributors, everyone we know and don’t know, everyone interested and everyone in between – and will later be destributed to a series of libraries, offices, companies and institutions around the country.

Check out the release party event on Facebook here!

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