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When in Copenhagen…

…We always pay a visit to the Danish Architecture Centre, to roam around the shop, see the exhibitions and eat at the balcony! This time, we got a chance to check out the Snøhetta exhibition – and joined their Instagram competition from my girlfriend’s account.

And…she won! A copy of Snøhetta: people, process, projects is on the way by mail 🙂

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Impressions from Copenhagen

At the end of the second introductory course in landscape architecture, we went to Copenhagen for a few days to study some of the finest examples of urban planning with our own eyes. A trip which did many things to me personally – viewing both historic sites and new innovative planning in public spaces and city streets. Being in a group where everyone has a common field of interest really inspires, and it does so while confirming that your field of vision really has altered since the start of the studies; you experience places differently, you see them with greater depth, you notice tons of details you didn’t before. To me, this alone is reason enough to study a profession such as landscape architecture. Combine this with the increased knowledge of society, psychology, economy, law, biology, ecology and not to mention the artistic skills – I can’t think of a better subject to devote future years to.

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