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Elvelangs i Drammen

Photo 25.10.13 13 19 14

Sist fredag, en vakker og solrik høstdag, dro vi på sykkeltur langs Drammenselva med kontoret.

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Mountains and fjords

From outside Tromsø

From a field trip in and around Tromsø with the Norwegian Association of Landscape Architects. 

I recall discussions I had this summer at the office on the perception of landscape, and how one’s cultural background in essence shapes your aesthetic views of your surroundings. At first, I was reluctant to agree with this statement. I thought while you may be influenced in great part of where you were brought up, your childhood memories and so on, you are able to change your views through travel and other experiences, to the point that your perception may change entirely. However, I realised while on this field trip in Northern Norway how connected I really am to this landscape, even though I often proclaim I have no particular connection to it. “I’m not rooted in Norway,” I might have uttered upon occasion. But are the connection to your landscape really something you can control?

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Meteors in the North

Northern lights and a passing meteor as captured by photographer Ole Christian Salomonsen

At our final night in Sortland we gathered and lit a bonfire on the camping site we were staying, sharing our impressions of the visit to Northern Norway, stories and a few beers. Suddenly, a huge, green fireball lit up the arctic sky, adding to the already vast number of experiences in such a short timespan. While we didn’t get a chance to capture pictures of the meteor, elsewhere the photographer Ole Christian Salmonsen did – a once in a lifetime sight. An article about the event can be read on NRK here.

At the NLA autumn conferance in Tromsø the next day, the very same photographer presented this along with his stunning videos of northern lights captured at various locations in the arctic regions.

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A hymn to Nyksund


We visited Nyksund yesterday. While enjoying a lovely fish soup at the local restaurant, our tour guide presented a hymn:

Å eg veit meg eit sted
langt der oppe mot nord
Med ei lysande strand
mellom Dronningfjell og fjord.
Der eg gjerne er gjest,
der mitt hjarta er fest
Med dei finaste, finaste band.
Det e fint her, det e fint her
det e fint her i Nyksund i dag.


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LAA340 – Blue/green structures in urban areas

Sortland fra kaia

Course: Blue/green structures in urban areas. Destination: Sortland, Nordland, Norway.

Our area of study this semester is the town of Sortland, located in Vesterålen in Northern Norway. A town in expansion, as opposed to others in the region, this is a place set in spectacular surroundings; (arguably) competing with the tourism in the more “commercial” Lofoten.

Sortland fra høyden
Sortland seen from the nearby heights.

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