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Slippfest for KOTE #7


Det syvende nummeret av KOTE, “Atmosfære” slippes den 29. april på MESH!

The seventh issue of KOTE will be released April 29th at MESH!

Link to event on Facebook:

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Call for submission for KOTE #6

Wait - Photo by Einar Elton

In KOTE #6 we will explore what borders are and how they influence us. From the imaginary to the physical. From intimate border to territorial borders.

We will investigate which spaces are the results of various limits. The city has many borders with various meanings. How are they influenced by non-physical borders, for example a school district? The city has curbs, bollards, hedges, walls and intersections. The movement of people is formed by borders, but is it only physical borders that dictate where we go?

In the discourse involving borders, who is speaking on borderlands? What happens when the border becomes a place?

Send in your text, draft or ideas by January 16th to KOTE!

Planned release Autumn 2015.

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Magazine release!


Christmas comes early this year. Thursday this week we are releasing the fifth issue of KOTE magazine – an independent journal on our physical surroundings. Coming out twice a year, this has been the first issue I have been co-editing, which has been very exciting!

KOTE 5 asks what effects form and design have on us. What feels wrong, and what feels just right? How tall can we build? How small can a flat be? Are increasing demands for technical quality overshadowing the vision for experienced quality? How great are the designer’s freedom opposed to decicive authority, and to what degree do we focus on the actual effects our physical surroundings have on people? Read the rest of this entry »

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Editing KOTE #5 – Reactions to Design


I’m part of the editor team for the fifth issue of KOTE with the working title ‘Reactions to Design’ (trans. ‘Form og virkning’).
We are currently looking for contributors to this issue. Contact me or fellow editors Olav Stikbakke, Einar Elton or Kirsti Reinsberg Mørch if you are interested!

KOTE is a Norwegian independent journal on urbanism, landscape and placemaking, run by students and young professionals. We publish articles and discussions online and in print, sharing knowledge on the development of our physical environment. We strive for a nuanced exploration of our surroundings with contributors from a range of disciplines, professions and institutions.

The call for submission can be downloaded here (in Norwegian): KOTE_5_CALL

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KOTE #3 – Presentasjon

KOTE3 Forside

Den tredje papirutgaven av magasinet KOTE ble sluppet i forrige uke. Magasinet handler denne gang om presentasjon og formidling – et tema jeg selv er veldig opptatt av – og inneholder artikler om utviklingen i presentasjonsteknikker og visualiseringer, formgivernes virkemidler som blant annet modeller og diagrammer og påvirkningskraften til disse, reguleringsplaner i 3D som kan øke bevissthet og bedre kommunikasjon med politikere og beslutningstakere, med mer. God og spennende lesning for alle design-, plan- og arkitekturinteresserte i høstmørket. Magasinet er å få tak i på relevante utdanningsinstitusjoner (UMB, AHO, BAS, NTNU etc) samt utvalgte gallerier og kultursentra i løpet av de neste ukene – følg med på KOTE sine nettsider og sosiale kanaler (KOTE på Facebook og Twitter) for oppdateringer.

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