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Gadget – The Really Tiny Book Light

Ok, so you wake up in the middle of the night having caught that elusive design idea that’s been criss-crossing your head for the last couple of days (guilty!) – No rest for the wicked – and you reach for your sketchbook to jolt it down. But it’s dark. And you forgot to change the bulb in your bedside lamp. And your other sketchbook is out of power (guilty again!). Oh, the issues one faces nowadays. What now?

You remember you attached a Really Tiny Book Light to your sketchbook before you went to bed, that’s what.

I got this little baby at Modulor in Berlin, and besides looking extremely neat, it really fits awesomely well to, say, your Moleskine, saving you from the common situation of blind notes that are unreadable the day after (even if you tell yourself you’ll have no trouble remembering what you wrote, seeing it was such a great idea and all).

Here’s a pic of it in action:

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Sketching in ASketch

There are several top quality sketching applications available for the iPad. I’ve previously listed some of my personal favorites. Today I wanted to share some examples of sketches done in ASketch. This app is a very intuitive sketching tool – the sketches make themselves, almost – and it feels somewhat like drawing with charcoal. If you’re after a minimalistic sketching tool with a different feel than others out there, I’d recommend giving this a go.

Note that the filter effects were added after export using Snapseed.

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Visualising with ComicBook

My most recent app discovery is the photo manipulation tool ComicBook, which organises photos into a comic book interface, complete with customiseable text bubbles, stickers and what not. I tried using this tool to summarise our latest site analysis, and I found great value in this little application for use in some different, quick and fun out-of-the-box visualisations:

ComicBook  ComicBook

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Portable visualising

I have been using my iPad for sketching on the go for a while now. Practically, while certainly up to par, it cannot fully replace the fluidity or feel of my pen and paper for rapid sketches. However, it is still my weapon of choice for creating design drafts on-site based on photo material, which after some tweaking can yield some pretty eye-catching results.

Garden viewThis is a photo from my friend’s place. He’s in the process of upgrading his new home, and have some ideas for the garden. After I import the photo to my iPad, I launch Sketchbook and base my sketch on it.

Afterwards, I add filters in Snapseed, and suddenly it’s not just a design sketch anymore. I have a visualisation that is actually presentable – and I did it in twenty minutes on-site.

Garden design detailNow, this is a common procedure for creating visuals in Photoshop on your desktop, but you can’t shrug off the sheer power of being able to create this on the go.

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App review – Architactile Inception

Architactile InceptionI recently had the pleasure of testing Architactile Inception for iPad, an application developed for the professional architect. The application is designed for the purpose of gathering and sorting information in the pre-project phase; including budget overviews, client guidelines, team member information and visualisations on project progression, all wrapped up in a neat package which can be exported swiftly and elegantly for client review. As a landscape architecture student outside the US, I am not exactly within the bounds of the target user group of this application. As such, I write this review based on my impressions of the application features, look and feel to the best of my ability.

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