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Foredrag fra Den Kloke Tegning 2016


Informasjon om ny teknologi mellom foredragene. Foto: Marius Fiskum 

Den Kloke Tegning 2016 (nå kalt Den Kloke Teknologi, muligens fordi konseptet bygger på en modellrik, tegningsløs arbeidshverdag) ble arrangert 25. og 26. oktober på Scandic Fornebu. Foredragene finnes her: http://www.denkloketeknologi.no/arkiv/.

Vårt lille bidrag finnes under Åpen Mikk!

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AutoCAD – Shortcuts Guide

Because it’s all in the fingertips: Handy shortcuts for PDF-download at the Autodesk website.

Source: AutoCAD Shortcuts Guide

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Lecturing in 3D visualisation

Liten skoleplakat

My colleague Even and I will be holding a brief lecture on the use of 3D in practice at NMBU, Monday the 25th of April (0900).
Check back for a summary of the lecture and examples from our work!

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Visualising landscape architecture: Combination techniques


Perspective from in-progress proposal for the new harbour-front park at Sandvika.

How is your workflow when creating visuals for your project? Through a range of projects I’ve explored several approaches to visualisation, and presently I feel most comfortable with the combined use of traditional techniques and available software. The reason for this is the desire to add a personal depth to the image, which, in my opinion, is harder to achieve solely through the use of digital renderings. This post will explain the steps used in creating the perspective image above. Read the rest of this entry »

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SketchUp – Favorite plugins for Landscape Architecture

We have been using Trimble SketchUp quite extensively as of late. It’s increasingly useful these days after the implemention of IFC classification to objects (albeit limited, it automatically classifies unknown objects to IFCBuildingElementProxy elements, ensuring the entire model is included when collaborating with other disciplines). Below are some extensions I find useful at a daily basis. This list will be updated as additional extensions are discovered. Feel free to leave tips in the comment section below! Read the rest of this entry »

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