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SketchUp – Favorite plugins for Landscape Architecture

We have been using Trimble SketchUp quite extensively as of late. It’s increasingly useful these days after the implemention of IFC classification to objects (albeit limited, it automatically classifies unknown objects to IFCBuildingElementProxy elements, ensuring the entire model is included when collaborating with other disciplines). Below are some extensions I find useful at a daily basis. This list will be updated as additional extensions are discovered. Feel free to leave tips in the comment section below! Read the rest of this entry »

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SketchUp – Draping terrain with model photos

Illustration plan
Illustration plan

SketchUp Model

SketchUp model

During the last task we worked exclusively with digital tools. After creating visualisations and plans in Photoshop based on a SketchUp model, we wanted to integrate the two into a textured 3D-model. In order to drape a terrain in SketchUp with a 2D illustration, one can follow the steps below:

  • Import image as “image”.
  • Place and scale the image correctly.
  • Right-click and explode it.
  • Triple-click to select all faces and edges.
  • Right-click and select “Make group”.
  • Select Paint Bucket, and hold ALT to “Select object to match paint from”.
  • Select the image. The image is now a “material” you can fill faces with.
Our result:

Draped Model
Draped SketchUp model

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