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LAA224 – Shaping with vegetation, part 1

Photoshop of the group members in ancient architect mode.

The course ‘Shaping with vegetation’ is split into four group tasks: The first part is a literature seminar, covering various uses of vegetation (practical/functional and aesthetical uses, examples, inspirational landscape designers etc.), the second, gone through in this post, is centered around superficial planning of vegetation in a relatively large area (a concept for plant selection and landscape design based on site analysis and rough volume estimations of the vegetation selected, presented in model works and concept illustrations and texts). The third and fourth task concerns detailed plans, vegetation use and care.

In this project we have used vegetation to make a residential development area understandable and readable design-wise, where private gardens, public green spaces and pathways towards the town centre are connected together in a modern interpretation of the historical landscape character. At the same time we have attempted to solve future challenges with surface water and erosion by use of sustainable urban drainage systems.

Aerial photo of the project site: Southern Moer farm, Ås.

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LAA224 – Teaser

We’re about to deliver the first group project in the LAA224 course; shaping with vegetation. A post summarizing the process will be up soon, in the meantime here’s a little visualisation I made in Photoshop that we didn’t end up using (due to it being far too gloomy, among other things):

Photoshop visualisation, LAA224

In the end, it reminded us too much of the atmosphere in the neighborhood we tried to avoid, illustrated below:

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