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Elvelangs i Drammen

Photo 25.10.13 13 19 14

Sist fredag, en vakker og solrik høstdag, dro vi på sykkeltur langs Drammenselva med kontoret.

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LAA340 – Urban connections & town modelling

Pedestrian Crossing

Our projects for Sortland municipality has been delivered and presented. With great room for freedom, the projects were very diverse across the scale from detail concept plans to overall strategies for green structures. In a project such as this, the challenge was first and foremost where to begin: we had the impression that so much was needed here, almost anything would be an improvement.

I started early on with the impression of a town in need of better structure and planning (see my earlier post), and decided to work in two directions: One to develop a 3D model of the town, so it would be easier to analyse the area in full, as I felt I needed more data than what I had time to collect beforehand and while we were there on excursion. I simply didn’t feel I knew the place. I had access to some resources – Google street views covered the main road through the town, and a GIS model from the Norwegian Webatlas were helpful to get an overview of the surroundings, but I felt it wasn’t enough. Read the rest of this entry »

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Impressions from London

Impressions from London

Variety, fluidity, organised chaos. I tagged along to London these last couple of days with the lighting design course.

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Construction design, part 2

Visualisation in Lumion based on SketchUp model

We presented our site analysis today, along with some early attempts at visualising in Lumion (see picture above). A brief summary follows. See the project blog for more information!

Historical photo of the site, anno 1928. The tram line follows the same pattern today.

The site has an extensive history behind it, along with bits and pieces of architecture spanning over a century. The building in the picture, old Ullevaal theatre, now functions as a grocery store (actually, the grocery store is under construction) and auditorium for the University in Oslo, located just 500 meters to the North-West. Named after a significant tradesman of the time, John Collett, the area was a centre for trade and entertainment, with many small boutiques in the building, as well as a grand cinema. The site today is by and large dominated by traffic; it’s place you drive by, not a place you stay. The tram runs by frequently (twice every five minutes) as well, making the site appear very busy, however not necessarily in a good way. A place with great history, but a fragmented and dislocated feel to it today. Read the rest of this entry »

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Construction design, part 1

Memory SketchThe spring semester has begun, and we’ve started off with one of the courses that will run throughout: Construction design. I’ve been looking forward to this for a while – a course tying things together, forcing you to be more conscious about your designs, with focus on construction and technical detail. Our project area this time is a public space in Oslo; John Colletts plass. I registered a project-specific blog for the students and teachers to participate and share their experiences, check it out here (Site is mostly in Norwegian).


Model work. Abstraction of the sense of volume and direction on the site.


Pen sketches and notes from the site. 

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