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Form- og funksjonsskisser

Skissene viser prosessen med å knytte sammen nybygde konstruksjoner, legge om ferdselsårer og fremheve adkomst- og aktivitetssoner. Read the rest of this entry »

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The broken connections

Meanwhile, in Sortland…

What is a urban planning strategy that in essence creates an introverted and inaccessible town, where the natural foundations are at taken for granted, in practice ignored; connections lost, architecture randomised and most of the ideal locations for development regulated to industrial sites and/or parking lots?

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When growing up, I had some favorite games – board games, of course, and the video games later on – but among my favorites were simple, creative games and puzzle solving. I read somewhere that puzzle solving is a common trait among architects – certainly not exclusive to us, however – but problem solving never gets old, no matter the level, and some times even the tiniest of games can satisfy the restless mind. And of course, one must never stop playing.

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Construction design – Steps and stairs

Designing steps and stairs is no joke!

In this task I used Google SketchUp exclusively to model my outdoor set of stairs, create the technical drawings needed and plot the layouts. The more I use this tool, the more I enjoy it – and for tasks such as these, there are simply no reason what so ever to use more technical tools such as AutoCAD.


Sketches from the design process

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Construction design, part 3

Google SketchUp mock-up model with some custom elements included. 

We have started our first excersise in the construction design course: pavings. On a given part of the project site we are to test out different materials and patterns, while facing issues such as surface runoff, pressure loads, dimensions and aesthetics.

The left-most sketch shows my design idea for the paving. Basically it’s a pattern of concrete elements arranged in a grid extruding from two points on opposite sides of the curved tram line. Read the rest of this entry »

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